Apr 25

JBSD Latest Volume!

JBSD Volume 4 Number 1 is out! Grab yourself a copy or retrieve it at the “Current Issue” tab.

-JBSD 2016-


Cover V4N1-1

Jan 25

We’re Sorry for the Inconvenience!

JBSD would like to apologise for the inconvenience and trouble caused to author who tries to submit your respective article via our e-Journal Management System, http://scholarjournal.umt.edu.my. The system is currently facing some technical problems and it is now under the eyes of our IT Team to tackle and overcome. Your patience and understanding is highly appreciated. Shall you have any enquiry, you may contact JBSD at jbsd@umt.edu.my or extension +609-668 4222 . Thank you. -JBSD 2016-